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Working Capital Options

Accounts Receivable Management and Collection Services

Business can't afford precious time to investigate appropriate credit limits and selling terms to customers to escape slow collections and bad debt, both of which hurt cash flow. Also, business profits spent on wages and benefits to staff and maintain an accounts receivable department consume cash flow as well.

At a fraction of the cost and no long-term contract, accounts receivable management services can provide credit investigations and research on one or all your customers, recommend credit limits, and appropriate selling terms. Outsourced collection services, that meet your needs, provide real time reporting so you always know the status of this important asset. Collections are closely tracked, while you continue to directly receive your customers payments and maintain control of your cash.

A virtual, outsourced accounts receivable department is the most cost-effective way to accelerate cash flow, obtain information and protection you need without hiring non-sales personnel.


Alternative Financing Options

Whether you are selling goods domestically or internationally, Flintridge Financial has relationships with a broad range of factors, asset-based lenders and purchase order financing companies for you to choose from who can provide financing of accounts receivables and inventory to help you meet your delivery deadlines and grow sales.


Asset-Based Lending

Asset based lending is a business loan secured by collateral such as accounts receivable and inventory. Most loans are revolving lines of credit subject to a borrowing base with typical advances of 80% against eligible accounts receivable and 50% against eligible inventory.

Your company retains the ownership of the assets and is responsible for  credit investigations and collections, periodically providing the lender with the company's management reports (aging) of receivables and inventory



Factoring is a type of financing whereby your business sells its accounts receivable (invoices) to a Factor, at a discount, to improve cash flow quickly and efficiently.
The Factor is paid back when they collect the accounts. The Factor collects your accounts receivables and the Factor is repaid when your customer pays the Factor.  Depending on your needs and preferences, your receivables can be sold on a recourse or non-recourse basis. In non-recourse factoring, the risk of nonpayment by your customer is assumed by your Factor. Factors can also provide credit protection (like insurance), inventory financing and letters of credit (a type of bank guarantee). Factors advance 80% against eligible accounts receivables and can provide inventory financing, seasonal over advances (in excess of the Factor's formulas) and purchase order financing (typically in the form of Letters of Credit).


Purchase Order Financing

This is a viable option when you do not have sufficient financial means to produce your order.  The Purchase Order financing company will finance up to 100% of your pre-sold order to a credit worthy customer usually by issuing a Letter of Credit to your supplier.


Verification Services

The verification process itself is simple. Invoices are verified by phone or by email. A representative for your company contacts the accounts payable department of the company that is paying the invoice. On your behalf, they verify that, a) the invoice was originated per the buyer's requirements, b) all paperwork has been received, c) the value on the invoice is accurate and d) the services/product were satisfactory.

Important aspects of the verification call are that it serves as a quality assurance process, as well as, finds potential problems early on, when there is still time to fix them. Weeks or months do not pass without full or partial payment, only to find there was a shipment or quality problem.